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Santa Clara is a family oriented and business friendly city, with an award-winning ethics program and a commitment to fostering public trust. In the heart of Silicon Valley, the City is located in Santa Clara County at the southern tip of San Francisco Bay, about 45 miles south of San Francisco, and in a strategic regional location convenient to freeways, airports, railroads, expressways, light rail and other public transportation. “The Mission City,” as Santa Clara is known, was founded in 1852. It is now a community of about 118,830 residents with employment base of about 106,750. With 19.3 square miles of tree-lined neighborhoods, thriving commercial and industrial centers, and 300 days of sunshine each year, it is an ideal location for individuals, families, and businesses.

Explore California’s early Spanish history at Mission Santa Clara de Asis, founded in 1777, on the beautiful campus of Santa Clara University, the State’s oldest institution of higher learning. Other points of interest and attractions include Mission College, the 100-acre California’s Great America theme park, an award-winning Santa Clara Convention Center, Triton Museum of Art, the de Saisset Museum, Intel Museum, the headquarters and practice fields of the world champion 49ers football team, and numerous shopping opportunities such as Westfield Shoppingtown – Valley Fair. For more information on attractions, hotels, and other points of interest, please visit the Santa Clara Chamber of Commerce and Convention-Visitors Bureau website.

The City of Santa Clara is not your typical Bay Area city. It’s better. Voted one of ten All-America Cities in the New Millennium by the National Civic League, Santa Clara has a “High Tech, Human Touch, H2” ™ approach to serving the community’s needs.

It offers the region’s lowest combined utility costs in the nine Bay Area counties, with savings of 30 to 40% on electricity alone, and it is consistently rated one of the most affordable cities in the nation for business.

Santa Clara is a Charter City with a Council/Manager form of government. The City’s financial stability ensures the highest levels of citizen and business service, low business taxes and solid real estate value, and it is also one of the safest U.S. cities with a population of 75,000+. Our outstanding public safety record includes the highest fire rating in Santa Clara County and some of the fastest emergency response times in the state.

With a focus on high quality customer services and its reputation, it is no wonder more than 9,400 businesses, including many of the world’s top technology firms, and thousands of long-time residents have made the City of Santa Clara their home.

Numerous books have been published about the City of Santa Clara’s rich and varied history. They are available for checkout at the City’s library, or available for purchase from many local places, as well as online.

From historic homes to high tech industry and theme park thrill rides, the City of Santa Clara has it all.

San Jose Real Estate Listings

Active Listings in San Jose

280 Russo SAN JOSE, CA 95127
Photo of 280 Russo, SAN JOSE, CA 95127 (MLS # ML81817264)
3 beds 3 baths 1,547 sqft $699,000
3343 Lake Albano CIR SAN JOSE, CA 95135
Photo of 3343 Lake Albano CIR, SAN JOSE, CA 95135 (MLS # ML81817247)
2 beds 3 baths 1,776 sqft $745,000
5280 Borneo CIR SAN JOSE, CA 95123
Photo of 5280 Borneo CIR, SAN JOSE, CA 95123 (MLS # ML81817236)
2 beds 2 baths 1,122 sqft $579,000
413 Kenbrook CIR SAN JOSE, CA 95111
Photo of 413 Kenbrook CIR, SAN JOSE, CA 95111 (MLS # ML81814300)
2 beds 2 baths 1,012 sqft $520,000
5695 Hollyleaf LN SAN JOSE, CA 95118
Photo of 5695 Hollyleaf LN, SAN JOSE, CA 95118 (MLS # ML81817105)
2 beds 2 baths 974 sqft $729,000
1302 Fairway Entrance DR SAN JOSE, CA 95131
Photo of 1302 Fairway Entrance DR, SAN JOSE, CA 95131 (MLS # ML81816385)
2 beds 2 baths 988 sqft $658,888
6269 Ceanothus LN SAN JOSE, CA 95119
Photo of 6269 Ceanothus LN, SAN JOSE, CA 95119 (MLS # ML81816084)
2 beds 2 baths 859 sqft $660,000
3243 Kenhill DR SAN JOSE, CA 95111
Photo of 3243 Kenhill DR, SAN JOSE, CA 95111 (MLS # ML81817079)
3 beds 2 baths 1,164 sqft $595,000
7007 Rodling DR F SAN JOSE, CA 95138
Photo of 7007 Rodling DR F, SAN JOSE, CA 95138 (MLS # ML81817060)
2 beds 2 baths 850 sqft $580,000
1696 Whitton AVE SAN JOSE, CA 95116
Photo of 1696 Whitton AVE, SAN JOSE, CA 95116 (MLS # ML81817057)
4 beds 3 baths 1,451 sqft $799,000
692 Teatree CT SAN JOSE, CA 95128
Photo of 692 Teatree CT, SAN JOSE, CA 95128 (MLS # ML81817034)
2 beds 2 baths 922 sqft $569,000
1412 Alma WAY SAN JOSE, CA 95125
Photo of 1412 Alma WAY, SAN JOSE, CA 95125 (MLS # ML81817003)
2 beds 2 baths 1,071 sqft $625,000
2655 Bambi LN SAN JOSE, CA 95116
Photo of 2655 Bambi LN, SAN JOSE, CA 95116 (MLS # ML81816944)
4 beds 2 baths 1,242 sqft $779,999
1550 Technology DR 1042 SAN JOSE, CA 95110
Photo of 1550 Technology DR 1042, SAN JOSE, CA 95110 (MLS # ML81815808)
2 beds 2 baths 1,133 sqft $698,000
2324 La Terrace CIR SAN JOSE, CA 95123
Photo of 2324 La Terrace CIR, SAN JOSE, CA 95123 (MLS # ML81816778)
2 beds 2 baths 1,138 sqft $665,000

Sold Listings in San Jose

3177 Heather Ridge DR SAN JOSE, CA 95136
Photo of 3177 Heather Ridge DR, SAN JOSE, CA 95136 (MLS # ML81808887)
2 beds 2 baths 1,173 sqft $667,000
2053 Delbarr CT SAN JOSE, CA 95125
Photo of 2053 Delbarr CT, SAN JOSE, CA 95125 (MLS # ML81812721)
2 beds 3 baths 1,290 sqft $780,000
899 N 19th ST SAN JOSE, CA 95112
Photo of 899 N 19th ST, SAN JOSE, CA 95112 (MLS # ML81806506)
2 beds 2 baths 1,411 sqft $795,000
128 Bernal RD SAN JOSE, CA 95119
Photo of 128 Bernal RD, SAN JOSE, CA 95119 (MLS # ML81803797)
2 beds 2 baths 960 sqft $740,000
8658 American Oak DR SAN JOSE, CA 95135
Photo of 8658 American Oak DR, SAN JOSE, CA 95135 (MLS # ML81811189)
2 beds 2 baths 1,415 sqft $708,000
527 Marble Arch AVE SAN JOSE, CA 95136
Photo of 527 Marble Arch AVE, SAN JOSE, CA 95136 (MLS # ML81811089)
2 beds 3 baths 1,104 sqft $755,000
2474 Clear Spring CT SAN JOSE, CA 95133
Photo of 2474 Clear Spring CT, SAN JOSE, CA 95133 (MLS # ML81810901)
2 beds 2 baths 1,040 sqft $635,000
611 Adeline AVE SAN JOSE, CA 95136
Photo of 611 Adeline AVE, SAN JOSE, CA 95136 (MLS # ML81810882)
2 beds 2 baths 1,265 sqft $800,000
3398 Landess AVE D SAN JOSE, CA 95132
Photo of 3398 Landess AVE D, SAN JOSE, CA 95132 (MLS # ML81810428)
3 beds 2 baths 1,130 sqft $670,000
951 Bellhurst AVE SAN JOSE, CA 95122
Photo of 951 Bellhurst AVE, SAN JOSE, CA 95122 (MLS # ML81810359)
3 beds 2 baths 1,162 sqft $532,000
1104 Cedar Gables DR SAN JOSE, CA 95118
Photo of 1104 Cedar Gables DR, SAN JOSE, CA 95118 (MLS # ML81809745)
2 beds 2 baths 845 sqft $560,000
1061 Tekman DR SAN JOSE, CA 95122
Photo of 1061 Tekman DR, SAN JOSE, CA 95122 (MLS # ML81806759)
2 beds 2 baths 912 sqft $520,000
803 Chagall RD SAN JOSE, CA 95138
Photo of 803 Chagall RD, SAN JOSE, CA 95138 (MLS # ML81800118)
2 beds 2 baths 1,257 sqft $725,000
2003 Quadros LN SAN JOSE, CA 95131
Photo of 2003 Quadros LN, SAN JOSE, CA 95131 (MLS # ML81809857)
3 beds 2 baths 1,102 sqft $710,000
2322 La Terrace CIR SAN JOSE, CA 95123
Photo of 2322 La Terrace CIR, SAN JOSE, CA 95123 (MLS # ML81809660)
2 beds 2 baths 1,138 sqft $650,000

San Jose School Data

San Jose School Districts

Alum Rock Union Elementary School District
Berryessa Union Elementary
Campbell Union High
East Side Union High
Evergreen Elementary
Franklin-Mckinley Elementary School District
Luther Burbank
Moreland School District
Mt. Pleasant Elementary
Oak Grove Elementary School District
Orchard Elementary
San Jose Unified School District
Union Elementary
Santa Clara County Office Of Education
Metro Education
East Valley School Transportation Jpa
Metropolitan Education

San Jose Schools

Clyde Arbuckle Elementary School
K-5, public
Sylvia Cassell Elementary School
K-5, public
Cesar Chavez Elementary School
K-5, public
Horace Cureton Elementary School
K-5, public
A. J. Dorsa Elementary School
K-5, public
Clyde L. Fischer Middle School
6-8, public
Joseph George Middle School
6-8, public
Aptitud Community Academy At Goss
K-8, charter
O. S. Hubbard Elementary School
K-5, public
Linda Vista Elementary School
K-5, public
Lyndale Elementary School
K-5, public
Lee Mathson Middle School
6-8, public
Millard Mccollam Elementary School
K-5, public
Donald J. Meyer Elementary School
K-5, public
Ocala Middle School
6-8, public
Ben Painter Elementary School
PK-8, public
Pala Middle School
6-8, public
William R. Rogers Elementary School
K-5, public
Thomas P. Ryan Elementary School
K-5, public
San Antonio Elementary School
K-5, public
William Sheppard Middle School
6-8, public
Harry Slonaker Academy
K-5, public
Brooktree Elementary School
K-5, public
Cherrywood Elementary School
PK-5, public
Laneview Elementary School
K-5, public
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