If you’re like me, the bedroom is an oasis–the one place in your entire house that is uniquely yours.  When I was a kid, if I wanted to escape my crazy family, I would go to my room, lock the door,  blast some Bon Jovi (It’s My Life was my angsty teenage jam), and curl up on my bed with the newest Nora Roberts novel. Of course, this meant that my room was never up to my mom’s cleanliness standards.  At one point during my freshman year of high school, she even punished me by making me my aunt’s slave, which on that particular day meant ironing my sheets and the curtains–not a good idea as I was really bad with an iron (plus, who irons their sheets anyway?).  On normal days, i.e. the ones on which I wasn’t my aunt’s slave, I would just dump stuff in my closet, close the door, and call my room cleaned.  Nowadays, I know that putting something out of sight isn’t at all the same thing as actually cleaning a room, although I’m still not all that great at cleaning (or ironing–I mean my clothes will just get wrinkled again once I put them on, so really what is the point?).  Thankfully, the internet saves the day, and now that I know how to more effectively clean, I can let you in on the best tips and tricks that I’ve found.

  1. Start by making your bed.  This instantly makes your room look cleaner.  Women’s Day Magazine suggests making your bed as soon as you get out of it, but let’s be realistic–I can’t function without my first hit of caffeine and making my bed requires some hand-eye coordination, so it has to wait until I’m slightly more awake.
  2. Clean out your dresser drawers (and your closet).  Did you know that the top of your dresser isn’t supposed to be covered with your clothes?  I know I’m guilty of storing clothes that don’t fit in the dresser on top of it, so this is one trick I definitely need to follow more often–go through your dresser and your closet and if you find things you haven’t worn in the last year, get rid of them.  Anything with holes or stains, throw away, but if they’re in a decent condition, you can donate them.  If you’re in the Bay Area and don’t mind dropping these items off, the Hidaya Foundation collects gently used items, but if you don’t have the time to drop your clothes off, you can schedule a pick-up with Hope Services.
  3. Wash your sheets every week.  Apparently our sheets are full of bacteria and must be washed on a weekly basis.  Sorry to gross you out, but your pillows alone can house 16 different species of fungus.
  4. Fold your sheets and put them away.  I know that folding sheets is not the most fun, especially when it comes to those fitted sheets, which are the things of nightmares, but folding your sheets creates more room in your linen closet.  I swear only grandmas know how to fold these things and it is secret passed down only when one becomes a grandmother, but youtube is full of all sorts of tutorials, including this one that teaches all of us non-grandmas how to fold them.  Honestly, it doesn’t look all that difficult.
  5. Vacuum high-traffic areas.   You know the places I mean.  They’re the ones that look darker and more worn down than the others.  To refresh your carpet, you can sprinkle some Baking Soda over it before you vacuum or you can buy a cleaner from Amazon–like this stuff from Resolve, which is what I use when my carpets get really funky.



Check back next week for the best ways to clean your living room!

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